Château Lauduc

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Château Lauduc Entre Deux Mers

In 2003, the appearance of Château Lauduc changed, the vineyard area was 40 hectares and the entire production was marketed in bottles (about 300,000). The prospect of expansion and improvement has not left the Grandeau family, which wants to continue the path leading to consumer satisfaction. In perpetual change, the surface of the Château Lauduc passed in 2008 to 50 hectares to be 115 hectares to date.

The adventure of Château Lauduc shows that it is not always necessary to rely on a wine heritage centuries-old to produce very good wines, often awarded in competitions of Paris and Bordeaux and often quoted in publications specialized as the Guide Hachette or the Journal of wine in France.

“ Chateau Lauduc ”
AOC 2016 Entre Deux Mers Bordeaux

750 ml

Grapes Varieties
75% Sauvignon, 25% Sémillon

Food Pairing
Serve with oysters, crustaceans and fish, as well as most cheeses; Goat, sheep.

Testing Notes
yellow fishing slightly minty nose, mouth taut with volume, pretty fat and mache final. Gourmand, fresh and balanced!

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