Pinot Gris

Wine of Languedoc

Pinot Gris is a variety that has had excellent results in northeast France, near the Vosges region. It is also found further to the south, between Nîmes and Narbonne, where it has recently been planted in small quantities. Our Pinot Gris comes from two different terroirs: The Côte de Thongue in the Hérault region where the grapes give a fat, opulent character to the wine. A particularly unique terroir: the dried lake in the village of Marseillette in the Aude where our winery is located. The withdrawal of the ocean several million years ago left behind it a 2,000 hectare saltwater lake. The salt is drained by the water which infiltrates the soil. The light soil and the irrigation enable the grapes to retain a lovely freshness. The summer heat, captured in this basin, helps the grapes to ripen early. These two factors combined, ideal for the Pinot Gris, result in aromatic, fresh and mineral wines.

The grapes are harvested late at night when the temperature is cooler. As the Pinot Gris is a varietal with a coloured skin, a quick, very light pressing is carried out to obtain a clear juice. Low temperature vinification. Fast racking after alcoholic fermentation.emperatures (15 to 18°C). Then, the wine is aged on its fine lees for a few months in a carbon dioxide atmosphere. Early bottling. No malolactic fermentation.

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“La Cour des Dames”

Igp Oc  Pinot Gris  750 ml.

Grape varieties:  Pinot Gris  100 %.

Tasting Notes : This wine is floral and fruity on the nose: notes of roses, lychees, lemons and grapefruit mingle with a touch of white pepper. On the palate, the wine is smooth and fresh, lovely
and lively, and shows mineral notes on the finish.

Food & Wine: Serve chilled (10° C), as an aperitif, with shellfish (oysters), tapas or marinated salmon.

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