Rhum Island Cane

First Rhum, bottled and bottled rum on the island of Saint-Martin.

ISLAND CANE rum is assembled, elaborated and bottled in Saint-Martin in accordance with the strict rules of the French rum from Guadeloupe and Marie Galante. With the help of a very renowned oenologist, we were able to produce a unique rum of high quality.

Island Cane Rum: 3 authentic products …

An island, a rum…

And yes, as surprising as it may seem, the island’s sugar farms, which have been prospering since the second half of the 17th century, all disappeared about 100 years ago, and it is because a Caribbean island without its rum Loses some of its identity as a small group of friends have joined forces to revive this tradition.

No local planting but ideas!


  Agricole Rum 50°- VO Rum 45°- XO Rum 45°

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